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Latest's Tests

yommanathai yommanathai

The Enthusiast The Enthusiast

Openness: 41.18, Conscientiousness: 10.33, Extraversion: 42.62, Agreeableness: 36.09, Neuroticism: 19.63

gabyduno gabyduno

The Challenger The Challenger

Openness: 37.07, Conscientiousness: 28.88, Extraversion: 48.67, Agreeableness: 27.14, Neuroticism: 16.13

chriswoakes chriswoakes

The Helper The Helper

Openness: 40.82, Conscientiousness: 27.64, Extraversion: 39.35, Agreeableness: 42.55, Neuroticism: 3.64

katiasalazarm katiasalazarm

The Enthusiast The Enthusiast

Openness: 57.70, Conscientiousness: 7.22, Extraversion: 40.99, Agreeableness: 26.84, Neuroticism: 2.80

How does it Work?

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Analize text

Choose any text, Facebook Timeline, Tweets or Blog post.

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Review Data

Get each person's OCEAN results.

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Sort Result

Get specific profiles for your needs and let our system automatically filter the good ones.


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Understand your users

Interpret the audience that comes to your website or app.

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Enhance the Experience

Proceed according to the personality . Display a red button for Extrovert profile or Blue for introvert ones. Endless combinations and possibilities!

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Higher Convertion

Engaged users, Happy users

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Created by Psychologists

A professional team tuned up the algorithm and the aknowledge database from our engines.

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Powerful System

Get the result in less than a second.

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Adaptive Engine

Create custom profiles (personas) to sort the result. Use the Dashboard to setup and measure your campaign.

About Ocean

Enneagram of personality

This technique split the world's personalities in nine different prototipes. Do you wan't to know which are them?

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So, how do we calculate and measure the personality based on your tweets or posts?.

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What is Ocean?

OCEAN is an anacronysm of 5 personality dimensions: Openess, Concientiousness, Extroverty, Agreableness and Neuroticism. Do you wan't to know more about this psicological test?

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Personality Blog

Why should Neil Patel hire me?

I created the ultimate marketing tool! Every Marketer dream is to know exactly his audience and how they think. This way you can send them the right message.

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Infographic: Entrepeneur's Personality

¿Cómo es la personalidad de los jóvenes emprendedores españoles en redes sociales?. Creamos una infografía en donde intentaremos descubrirlo analizando los resultados de 440 cuentas Twitter utilizando Ocean People Analytics.

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Introducing Ocean's Personality Evolution Feature with Shakira's Twitter Account

We tested Ocean People Analytic's personality algorithm with Shakira, as she is a very famous singer all around the world and we discovered some interesting fluctuations in her life.

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