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The Enneagram is is a method to investigate yourself and to develop as a person. It’s a personality diagnosis tool. It provides a great description of each of the 9 enneatypes of personality


The 9 Types

  • 1 The Reformer
  • 2 The Helper
  • 3 The Achiever
  • 4 The Individualist
  • 5 The Investigator
  • 6 The Loyalist
  • 7 The Enthusiast
  • 8 The Challenger
  • 9 The Peacemaker

The Wing

The wing help to individualize each one of the 9 types. Each wing is a sub-type of the general type. Knowing the wing help us to focus on the problems we have to face.

Stress / Security points

Your trend to be stressed or secured. It indicates the way we are integrating our personality: progressing or going backwards.

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Enneagram of personality

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