Introducing Ocean's Personality Evolution Feature with Shakira's Twitter Account

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How is people’s personality on Social Networks changing through the time?

Today we will see an example analyzing Shakira’s evolution in the begining of 2013 and some important life events.

Hi Everyone, today we are introducing a new feature to our personality app and website. We have two graphics to understand the user’s personality evolution in time in Social Networks.
When you analyze a user with Ocean People Analytics, you will get his current “Ocean Score” and his/her current personality Enneagram’s enneatype (from 1 to 9).
But if we want yo know about his/her personality in the past? Now we have a “history” button that will take you to te evolution in time of that user. You Can filter by week, month, last 3 months or year.

@Shakira - Personality Evolution from Dec 2012 to Apr 2013

As an example, we test our personality algorithm with Shakira, as she is a very famous singer all around the world and that has some interesting fluctuations to see in the last three months. Since the end of 2012 up to the beggining of 2013.

This first graphic shows us the 5 Dimensions of personality through time. The first bar in blue was when Shakira shared with her audience her baby’s first pic, an ecography and we see a lot of E (Extraversion). The yellow bar represents 2012’s christmas and we see a Openness and Conscientiousness peak and may be a little -but pretty normal- stress (Neuroticism). The third bar was in the first January days and she and her husband where promoting a virtual baby shower party to help children via Unicef’s site and we see an Extraversion peak again. Fourth column represents Shakira’s baby birth, and the las one involve’s her beggining in the TV Show “The Voice” on UK with a maximum of Agreeableness in her tweets.

Enneagram Personality Changes

Though Enneatype is supposed to keep the same through the time, it is curious to see how important life events -like christmas and a new baby- make us change some behaviors.
As you can see, Shakira’s Average enneatype is 7: “The Enthusiast”, but while se was finishing her pregnancy, she had some fluctuations to 4: The Individualist in christmas and after she had her baby she has made a big turn to 9: The PeaceMaker.

I hope you find this article funny as I did while I was testing my entrepreneurial project, trying to make a better Personality / psychological engine for Social Networks! Have you tried it?
See you soon.

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Introducing Ocean's Personality Evolution Feature with Shakira's Twitter Account

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